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Smoked Fish & Bagel


Hand-Sliced Nova Lox, Alaskan Cod, or Great Lakes Whitefish
Served with a Brooklyn-style bagel, whipped cream cheese, ripe beefeater tomato, crisp Persian cucumber, Bermuda onion, and tender capers
Additional cheese for $1.99. Substitute the bagel with a gluten-free bagel for $1.99 more. 

Bagel Choice:Egg Bagel Everything Bagel Onion Bagel Poppy Seed Bagel Sesame Bagel Water Bagel Gluten Free Bagel +$1.99
Smoked Fish Choice:Hand Sliced Nova Lox Cod Whitefish
Add Cheese:American +$1.99Cheddar +$1.99Gorgonzola +$1.99Jack +$1.99Muenster +$1.99Mozzarella +$1.99Swiss +$1.99Provolone +$1.99
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